About the Family Life Foundation

Introduction and Goals

The Foundation's basic purpose is to help you become a fully functional human being physically, mentally and spiritually. The late Viktor E. Frankl, world-famous psychiatrist, author of "Man's Search For Meaning" teaches that meaning is the key to prevention and prevention is one of the main purposes of the FLF.


Holistic Programs
The Foundation is a parent organization which sponsors a variety of holistic programs that are aimed to be preventive and curitive and give information about our physical, mental and spiritual nature.


The FLF is non-sectarian and its services are available to anyone who needs them, regardless of religious background or economic circumstances.

Charitable Foundation
In January 1974, The FLF was incorporated as a Charitable Foundation and is granted the privilege of issuing receipts for income tax purposes. It also supports other foundations and organizations working to support family values.

Those involved...
The FLF has available professional consultants, doctors, lawyers, accountants, counselors and therapists of all kinds. For example Dr. Zolton Rona author of "The Joy of Health". In an autographed copy given to Rev. Lindsay King in 1991, he wrote "Hope this book brings more joy to your life. Keep up the great work you are doing." Since 1974 thousand of people of all ages have attended programs such are as described in these pages

Our Goals


The purpose of the FAMILY LIFE FOUNDATION:


  1. The alleviation of physical poverty, mental stress, and spiritual despair: - Knowing that poverty is the face of fear and ignorance, it seeks to replace fear with faith and ignorance with knowledge.

  2. The enhancment of the quality of life in the total community: Dr. Scott Peck, author of "The Road Less Travelled" and other books is also the founder of the Foundation for Community Enrichment (FCE) teaches that without community there can be no justice or peace. The FLF links with Dr. Peck and his foundation.



The FAMILY LIFE FOUNDATION is under the direction of the 
Rev. Lindsay G. King, a retired United Church Minister.
6 Kings Inn Trail, 
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 1T7. 
He can be reached at
(905) 764-1125 (a local call for the greater Toronto area).